Camping Cheergerm style

Some may say that our crew ‘glamps’ more than camps. We do have electricity and fridges. I am totally down with that.

South West Rocks, in New South Wales, is a five hour drive from Sydney town. Nestled between the ocean and rivers it is a lush, green paradise. We are camping at the South West Rocks Tourist Park on the side of the beautiful Macleay River.

Eating in the great outdoors is awesome. Our group efforts have left no-one wanting. The children move around in a pack, thong footed and sun kissed. Adults increasingly unwind and shrug off the shackles of everyday life. 

Nothing can take the edge of our relaxed lifestyle. Not a million mozzies, bluebottle stings or numerous visits from the asthma train to Kid 2.

Ocean and river swims. Numerous pool visits leave us happy and weary. I lie in my khaki green tent at night as fruit bats fly overhead and the ocean crashes. Dinners out at night have included visits to the Riverside Tavern and the Smithtown Riverview Hotel. They provide a welcome relief from feeding the hungry hordes and mountains of washing up.

The oceanfront Horseshoe Bay kiosk in town sits under majestic Norfolk pines and serves The Best Potato Cakes In The World (think handmade, salty and crispy). The sproglets devour the $2.50 ice-cream cones that they have been saving up for all year.

Foodie camping delights have included coleslaw, a vibrant broccoli salad, magnificent zebra prawns, corn and zucchini fritters, fattoush and kafta patties, fish straight from the river, and of course, potato salad.

These photos were taken with The Yaks mobile phone. Not half bad.

24 thoughts on “Camping Cheergerm style

  1. My style of camping- Moet and Prawns. I’ll camp near you and the Yak any time.
    South West Rocks is one of my favourite spots along the east coast. It has everything- not too big, wonderful camping spots, the lovely drives up to the lighthouse and the other way to Scott’s Beach, fish and sun. Do they still have that famous pie shop on the road to Kempsey- at Fredrikton? Best pies in Australia. Must get back up that way soon. Enjoy the holidays.

    • You can camp near us any day Mrs I! Your camping food always looks the business! The Moët was a first day set up treat purchased by one of our number! What a treat. Too right, it’s stunning here. Was that Frodos pies? Or something similar. I think it’s changed names. I will check on the way home. They were great last time we were there. Supabakes black pepper steak pies here are super tasty too! Thank goodness we are walking a lot. 😊

      • And years ago there was a fab little Italian restaurant, Gippy’s- I get that’s not there any more.The walks are great there so you can keep eating pies and potato cakes when not cooking your glamp meals.

      • It’s pretty darned nice Naptime! It really is a warm weather thing…I have never wanted to camp in cold weather either..brrr. No matter how much chambers there is!! Hic! The Atlantic is quite majestic and rough looking more than tropical I guess!

    • I too once Did Not Like Camping…but now I do, but only this way. Glamping it up baby….come along with me and let me show you the light. 😁 this stupid post didn’t go into the blog reader so I don’t know what’s up with that. We got back yesterday and am now up to the 6th load of washing…that is what I don’t like about camping. But at least I am doing it with a tan and wearing some crazy bright blue hippy chicky pantaloons I got myself up north. ☺️

  2. And why would anyone think you and your clan wouldn’t give camping a culinary boost of class? Just because one’s roughing it does not mean one’s appetites must suffer. It’s one of the reasons I’m so addicted to Jamie Oliver’s style of cooking. I’ve got scads of his cookbooks showing how he’s just setting up camp to roughly cook the best looking food ever. Anywhere. You do him proud, Cheergerm. Hope the trip was a giant success nose to tail.

    • Thanks Mrs P! It was an amazing group effort, thank goodness we all love to eat well. I am a big fan of the J-dude as well. Love his outdoor eating shows. It was a super time with tops weather as the icing on the cake.

  3. You gotta be kidding me!! I’ve been there a few years ago, and now I’m thinking that maybe I should get the tickets to AU once again- this week preferably!! It was fantastic, and the sun was incredible- oh I hate you so much right now 😀

    • Awww, thanks for those lovely words Madame La La! Its a gorgeous wee spot. So many amazing places in this big wide world and so little time! I love the photos of your neck of the woods too.

  4. A.PROMPTreply

    I’m not sure how you fell off my reader, but I’ve clicked again so hopefully you’re back on it now! Trying to get caught up here. God! These pictures are astounding. Just love the colours and your perspectives on these. I could DEFINITELY handle your style of camping! Salut!

    • The ‘falling off the reader’ just seems to happen every now and again with some of the blogs I follow too. One of those ‘WordPress’ mysteries! I am glad you enjoyed these photos, the iPhone has a pretty darned good camera. Yeah glamping!! We are back in the real world now but at least I have the memories..and photos!

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