The Yak can cook

The Yak made a special request that I blog his special Boxing Day potato fry up. I decided to honour this request, despite the fact that he was wearing a child’s Nerf gun in a holster and he had shot foam bullets at me whenever I entered the kitchen.

The Yak Speaks

I’ve always found potatoes to be the elixir of life, us pale skinny English boys love them.

Family tradition dictates that the Yak (me) makes a big fry up for Boxing Day dinner. There are always plenty of leftover potatoes from the Christmas evening dinner feast, as we cook enough to attempt to feed a small army. These leftover spuds are the base for this fry up.

Slicing the potatoes, put them into a well oiled pan and fry for 15 or so minutes, turning them over once they are golden brown. Use the leftover butter that’s set at the bottom of the bowl where the leftover potatoes were sitting and put it on top of the potatoes for extra buttery goodness.

As there’s so many (family and potatoes) I usually have two frypans going at once. Potatoes that are fried to perfection are placed in an ovenproof dish and kept warm in the oven until all the potatoes are fried. Whilst the fried potato treasure is keeping hot in the oven, fry as many eggs as you possibly can.

Thanks Mr Yak for sharing your culinary glory. We leave you with a few images from our Christmas and Boxing Day festivities.

Happy New Year.

25 thoughts on “The Yak can cook

  1. Treasure that Yak, Cheery. My other half has a soecial skill too, he can pour drinks! Your Christmas looks very festive and welcoming, especially the tinsel adorned white canine! About that snail, I presume the salad was organic….

    • Pouring drinks is VERY important! He can cook these potatoes and fry eggs, he says he is working working on perfecting those two dishes. That’s our dogger Elvis, he’s a cutie! We think the snail may have come off the christmas bush from the garden, an extra guest. 😁

  2. Nerf wars! My sister was assalted with Nerf pellets when her husband thought she had spent enough time on Skype talking to me on Boxing Day. I ask you, is two and a half hour enough time? Perhaps not to us, but certainly to the male species. My hubby simply glared. But, he can also pour a mean drink as Ladyredspecks’ husband. He’s a brainy kind of guy (as a University Prof he has to be!), but a kintergardener in the kitchen. When he empties the dishwasher and puts things away, it usually takes me a good ten minutes or so putting things back into their proper place. Naturally, I do not trust him with anything flamable. You are lucky to have the talented Yak in your kitchen. Hope you are enjoying your holidays. A very Happy New Year to you, the Yak and the “kids”!

    • Thanks KW, Happy New Year to you and the Prof as well! What’s with the grown up men and Nerf guns this year?!! And having 3 sisters myself, I think that two and a half hours wasn’t quite long enough. 😁 I would love to say that The Yak is a talented bloke in the kitchen but the first meal he ever cooked for me was cheese on cheese on cheese wasn’t pretty. These potatoes however are great, he is also a very talented drink pourer. Are you sure your brainy hubby isn’t pulling a fast one with the dishwasher? As in, pretending he doesn’t do it well? Ha! Hope you are having a lovely holiday time too.

      • You never know with these Brits. Their powers of subtlety are phenomenal, so much so that my North American senses sometimes have a hard time detecting it. He might, indeed, be pulling a fast one with unloading the dishwasher. I shall have to keep a close watch… 😁

  3. The nerf gun couldn’t possibly be an editorial comment on the feast fixin’s which look bowel-meltingly delicious. Mr. Yak’s spuds sound divine, too. What a happy foody family!

    • It was a rather splendid two days of feasting Ms M! Methinks the Nerf bullet incident (which will be forever known as the MBI) was more of a kitchen territorial issue. Next time I will be prepared. Hope you have had a lovely festive time in your neck of the woods.

  4. At last, at last, the Yak has found his voice, like Garbo. Yes, I think the pelting was to warn you to stay out of his way whilst the Important Work of Spud Browning was proceeding to its full Perfection. And what a lovely dish he produced. It looks as though a great time was had by all, including the snail and Elvis.
    What other culinary talents has the Yak been hiding from us???

    • Just like Garbo, cracks me up, can’t wait to tell him that. 😁 Ummm, other culinary talents? Let’s not hold our breath. On the other hand, I may have created a monster. Thanks LM, Elvis, all of us, and the snail had a rocking time!

  5. The Yak and Mr T should get together. Mr T makes a similar dish when it’s his turn to cook. I do like the look of Yak’s fry up though- the season now calls for such food. Simple and homely.

  6. The Yak sure done good!!! Big Bob, aka Mr Rob, also cooks with leftovers from our Christmas veggies, a sort of bubble and squeak, with all our mashed up veg, including roast potatoes, roast yam, roast parsnip, Brussels sprouts, carrots, fried to perfection – which in my case means rather over fried. This mixture can make stonkingly fabulous sandwiches, though they are a rather messy eat so best not done in front of those with delicate constitutions! Oh, and an over-sized dollop of ketchup goes down a treat with it all, too. I must admit, though Big Bob also cooks our roasts, he is really the Master of the Kitchen these days. Lucky lass that I am!
    Great to see your photos, as ever. The number of wrapped napkins hints at the number of lucky guests you had! xxoxx

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