Tofu in BBQ sauce for hot, muggy days

One of the greatest delights of this blogging malarkey has been meeting (albeit virtually) many wonderful and interesting bloggers along the way. One of those peeps is foodisthebestshitever aka Graeme, aka Grazza, aka Mr Red Bearded Carnie Man. This witty blogger shares his fresh, vibrant recipes using his own unique turn of phrase and the odd spot of colourful language. (In others words, severe language warning to all of you who may be offended.) He resides in northern NSW with his missus Jen, who also knows her way around a kitchen and their two gorgeous lads. They opened their restaurant The Stockpot Kitchen in the Bangalow Bowling Club, about a year or so ago. I look forward to the the day that we find ourselves in the verdant NSW hinterland and we are able to chow down on some of the delicious sounding US-Southern style grub. Grazza lives and breathes food and surely could be named the Carnie King of Fiery Outdoor Cooking and Artisanal Condiments.

Around the end of November last year, Grazza sent me a muchly appreciated gift of four precious bottles of liquid gold. You see, he makes his own Big Red Brand condiments that they sell from the restaurant. The sauces are not just a sucker punch but have a subtlety in their blending and a deft balance of sweetness, tanginess and heat. Sadly, they are not yet for sale in these here parts but who knows what the future will bring?

Lately, the weather in Sydney has been very, very hot and extremely muggy. The humidity is a killer. The easiest meal I could think of for my annoying coeliac vegetarian beautiful husband was marinated tofu to accompany leftovers of potato salad and Lebanese green beans .

This is not really a recipe. Simply chop up a block of firm tofu (in this case 350g), throw it in a bowl and dollop a generous few slugs of Big Red Brand Smoky BBQ sauce over the tofu, stirring to coat it. (Of course, most of you will not have a bottle of this on hand so you can either make yourself a batch of one of Grazza’s barbecue sauce recipes which is surely the next best thing or purchase a top quality sauce from a deli or food purveyor.) Let the tofu marinate in the fridge for a few hours, overnight would be even better. Heat up a frypan, splash in a few glugs of olive oil and pan-fry the tofu on every side until a deep golden brown. This can also be grilled on a BBQ of course. Once the tofu is cooked, heat up the reserved marinade and dribble it over the top. Smoky, spicily sweet with a vinegar sharpness. This is the good stuff. (Annoyingly, I now have to hide this good stuff from Kid 1 who has discovered a penchant for quality sauces. Bugger.)

The Stockpot Kitchen Facebook Page

27 thoughts on “Tofu in BBQ sauce for hot, muggy days

  1. It looks beautiful, the sauces sound brilliant, I just can’t bring myself to like tofu. As a confirmed meat eater, I want something more… chewy/substantial, I suppose. It always seems a bit sad and dull by comparison. I expect I’m being annoyingly picky. Bet those sauces go amazingly well with a nice porky snag, though!

    • Totally get it, I still enjoy meat but tofu has really grown on me too. These sauces also go with meat soooo well. A great accompaniment but also a great marinade for the barbie. The G Man knows fire, he knows meat and he knows flavour.

  2. Those little sponges for flavour look yummy! I am envious of the smoky sauce as there seems to be nothing I can safely buy that does not give me a raging migraine. Knew I was allergic to MSG but only recently discovered that any kind of yeast extract equates to the evil ingredient. Very hard to find that kind of thing around here. Hope your friend gets his product to market soon! xx

    • Great description of tofu Mel, like little sponges indeed. That’s tricky with migraines, they are awful. I imagine you are OK with smoking meat over woodchips etc but the minute it’s a store bought condiment with additives, you have issues. Grazza’s homemade BBQ sauce recipe is probably ok for you though, worth a squiz perhaps? Yes, it would be great to buy this down at the local deli one day. X

  3. Beautiful. I’m one of the three people in America who eats tofu. And I’m not a vegetarian. I just find it fascinating and versatile. We’re visiting Australia and New Zealand later this year and once I figure out the geography of it all, perhaps I can meet up with some of my favorite bloggers!!!

  4. Lisa this looks delicious. I have been following their adventure for so long now. I love it that the restaurant is doing great business and appears to be a big success. Happy Days.

  5. Having a wonderful, fabulous vegetarian son, who visits occasionally for a meal, I’ve come to understand about tofu and even differentiate between silken and firm. Tofu is bland, so marinating it in a good quality sauce sounds lovely.

    • Does your gorgeous veggie lad like cooking for himself? Yes, it is bland but a great receptacle of flavour as well. I marinate firm tofu quite a lot, it’s great with Asian style sauces and a nice hit of chilli.

      • My darling boy is a dad now so I shouldn’t call him boy. He’s a great cook and his wife is terrific. She has such a collection of cook books – that she actually uses – that they’ve had to organize a room to keep them all. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Love chilli.

  6. ‘malarkey’ – ha!
    Nice little combination you’ve got going here, BBQ sauce and tofu – never would have thought but makes PERFECT sense.
    I’m gonna find reasons to say malarkey all day today :p

  7. Ooooh, I love your photo of the gorgeous browned crust on those tofu cubes! Tofu is fantastic if appreciated as a thing in itself rather than a meat substitute. It’s all about that light texture, and yes, good tofu has a delicate flavor of its own. Its blandness is the perfect foil for very tangy or spicy sauces, but I haven’t tried barbecue before. Definitely on my radar now ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks LM, I love all the different textures that different varieties of tofu provide as well. I am really enjoying marinades on it at the moment as we don’t want to use the oven at all. Our weather has been off the charts lately. Re-occurring ’40 degrees Celsius plus days’ (I think that’s around 105 F?)..and very humid..eek!

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