Blueberry sauce and a baking competition

So, the opportunity arose to partake in a baking competition. The event was being held to raise money for a sensory room at the school where the Mothership teaches. The idea being that your baking would be adjudicated by a panel of expert judges (in other words, people who liked food). The entered goodies were then to be sold at a big bake stall. How could I turn down the opportunity to raise money for a great cause? To me, it’s never been about the winning, it’s always been about the participating. It’s about ‘the taking part’, ‘giving it your best shot’ and all that guff important stuff.

Who am I kidding? I wanted to win. Big time.

The things that this Cheergerm has won in life (if you don’t count the esoteric crap such as true love, two great kids, friendship, good looks, talent) are few and far between. I do remember winning a puzzle once. It wasn’t even a particularly good puzzle.

What to bake, what to bake. It had to be my never fail flourless chocolate cake recipe. But it needed to be elevated and given an extra touch that could really wow them. Basically, it had to be something that could be placed into my new German jars (that I am currently obsessed with). That way, if my cake sucked, the judges would be so blinded by my quality glassware they would hand me the win.

With a few fresh blueberries left and some good quality (as in they won’t poison anyone) frozen ones in the freezer, the idea of a blueberry sauce popped into my mind. A recipe was found, a few adjustments made and Bob was my uncle. Sweet, tart and wonderfully gloopy, this fruit sauce was the perfect accompaniment to the rich, dark cake. We ate the leftovers as jam.

Wonderfully, a decent amount of dosh was raised. Did I win? Sadly not but the runner-up sash and smaller, far less sparkly tiara were mine. My cake and sauce were pipped to the post by mini cheesecakes. Damn those tiny rounds of baked cheesy goodness. Damn them.


2 cups blueberries (I had 1/2 cup fresh and 1 1/2 cups frozen)
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1 tbl lemon juice
1/4 tsp vanilla bean powder or 1/2 tsp vanilla bean essence
1 tsp cornstarch mixed with 1 tbl water
Zest of one lemon (about 1 tbl)

Place the blueberries, sugar, water, lemon juice and vanilla into a medium saucepan,
Over a medium heat, bring the mixture to a low boil, stirring regularly.
Add the cornflour (that has been dissolved in water) to the saucepan slowly. Be careful not to squish the blueberries.
Simmer the sauce until it reaches the consistency where it coats the back of a spoon, this takes about 5-10 minutes.
Stir in the lemon zest. Taste it, you may want to add another dash of lemon juice. I did.
Put the sauce into a pretty jar and serve with flourless chocolate cake, with lemon muffins, ice-cream, spread on toast or just eat it with a spoon. You may just win a prize.

Recipe slightly adapted from My Baking Addiction blog. See link below.

25 thoughts on “Blueberry sauce and a baking competition

  1. Blueberries are rare in these parts, and never seem to stay around long enough to make it into a sauce, cake or other potion. Good on you for entering into the spirit of the competition with a healthy attitude – and blindingly beautiful glassware! Enjoyed this as always. Bises xo

    • Thanks Mrs France. Understandable that when they are rare you just eat them straight up! It appears (delicate cough) that I do indeed have a latent competitive gene. 😳😁

  2. You got a tiara?! That is so cool, LOL. I would really like to win something, but only if I get a mini-tiara. Your glass jars are great too. I love the lids. Did you buy them online?

    • He he..there’s nothing wrong with an imaginary tiaras is there? No, I got these for a shop called Wheel and Barrow. They are actually proper preserving jars that come with little clips and rubber rings as well. I just googled and there is a website in the US that has on online shop. You could go nuts!

      • I never win anything either, but I shall from now on award myself a tiara whenever I’ve done something good! Thanks for the link on the jars–will check it out! They remind me of the old glass bowls with lids that people used to use to store food before the “Tupperware” style plastic containers.

  3. A.PROMPTreply

    Congrats! Am super chuffed for you winning (even runner up is winning you know!) With that new tiara you do realize you’re going to have to rename your blog to Princess Cheergerm, don’t you?

    • Thanks PR! My 11 year old said that I would probably come last and be given the consolation prize of a cookbook to help me be a better baker. Children suck. Well, that does have a fine ring to it. I could just be called Princess for short! 😁

      • A.PROMPTreply

        Definitely! !! And don’t listen to the 11 year old…children very seldom realize what they have until they move out on their own…’s my bet that’ll be the one that’s home for dinner every night and weekend…..

  4. Serafina

    Hmmm you won the writing ability hands down. I can remember that we won a large dog from a festival – probably not a great prize but we were super excited. You were often the best but I can not remember actual prizes.

    • Hello friend! Now, the more I think about it, I do vaguely remember that. Your memory surpasses mine on that account! Thanks for the lovely words about my words. I feel the same about your beautiful artwork my talented friend. 😊

  5. Robbed! You were clearly robbed. Clearly the judges were paid off–or left their tastebuds in the carpark. How could anyone not leap on top of one of the cafeteria tables and come to their knees after tasting your artwork? I’d call for a revote. I will judge. I hate cheesecake. You will win.

    • Clearly…if only you were judging PP then the rightful title would be mine…all mine….(cue maniacal laugh of a shorter hthan average chick wearing a second rate tiara. NOT eating cheesecake..)

  6. Bah!
    Who cares if you didn’t win (although I like your strategy about blinding them with your excellent glassware), I looooove blueberry anything so you already won me over.
    I’m so freaking easy 😊
    Update this post with a picture of that there tiara you left with 😆😆

    • Ah, at least I am a winner in your eyes Cake, I like an easy girl. 😁 Blueberries are fab hey! Yes, a tiara photo coming soon. (Well, not that soon, just imagine me wearing an imaginary small, not so sparkly tiara…)

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