Gluten free ginger crunch and Original Thought

Recently, Kid 2 (who is 7 years old) was rolling and generally lollygagging around on the floor. He pipes up.
‘I have never had an original thought in my life.’

He didn’t appear perturbed, upset or even surprised at this revelation. The kid has a point. Is there really anything new under the sun? I am no philosopher but it is hard to believe that in the billions of thoughts that have existed in our space-time continuum, that a truly ‘original thought’ exists.

During a search on ‘t’internet’ for a quote on the theory of original thought (just to highlight how erudite and intellectual this Cheergerm can get), I got bored and started looking at photos of cats performing amazing ridiculous feats. Next, I googled ‘space-time continuum’ because, well, that’s how my brain works. (I use the word ‘works’ loosely.) I stumbled/googlebumbled upon the following quote, which has nothing to do with original thought at all. Or, does it?

‘The whole fabric of the space-time continuum is not merely curved, it is in fact, totally bent’. This quote harks from the novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe’, by Douglas Adams of ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ fame. One of my favourite all time authors.

By now you may be screaming asking politely, ‘what was the bloody point of all that?’ Bear with me folks. This spicy and delicate recipe is a gluten free re-work of a favourite old school New Zealand slice. Whilst I am certainly not claiming it is an original, there is a small point of difference in the use of buckwheat, sorghum and teff flours. However, I am sure that somewhere in this bendy, curvy universe of ours, somebody else has already thought of it before.


80g brown sugar (or coconut sugar)
100g gluten free plain flour
50g teff flour
40g almond meal (if you can’t use nuts you can substitute for buckwheat flour)
2 tbl psyllium husk (about 10g)
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp gluten free baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
115g butter, room temperature

55g butter
1 tbsp golden syrup
2 tsp ground ginger
55g icing sugar (make sure it’s pure icing sugar and gluten free)

Preheat oven to 180C and line a shallow 30 x 21cm tin with baking paper.
Put all the dry ingredients into a food processor and pulse briefly to combine them. Drop in the butter and process just until the mixture forms fine crumbs. (You can do this all by hand, rubbing the butter into the flour but machine mixing is easier!)
Pour the crumbs into the tin, spread them out evenly and press down firmly using your fingers to compact them slightly. They will stick together properly as they bake.
Bake for 20 – 25 minutes until the mixture is a pale golden brown.

While the base is cooking, put the butter, golden syrup and ginger into a saucepan and heat gently, stirring. When they are melted and combined, tip in the icing sugar mixture and mix to a fairly runny consistency.
Remove the base from the oven and immediately pour on the icing. Spread it evenly over the surface with a spatula.
Cut the mixture into fingers or squares, leave to cool then break it apart along the cuts and store in an airtight container.
Makes 12 squares or more fingers.
Recipe Note: I usually double those recipe and just use a 32cm x 24cm baking tray.

A Cheergerm adaptation from Ladies, A Plate by Alexa Johnston

It desperately occurred to me that the word ‘googlebumbled’ may be a truly ‘original’ Cheergerm thought or creation. As I had never heard it before, what choice did one have but to google it? It thus far appears to have never been googled as an actual ‘word’.

Just saying.

Go here for the non-gluten free version, Ginger Cat Crunch Slice

29 thoughts on “Gluten free ginger crunch and Original Thought

  1. That is quite a profound thought for a little one! I think food bloggers are acutely aware of originality, because there will always be somebody who has cooked something similar to what we have created, somewhere! Some deep thoughts to accompany a delicious looking slice haha.

    • Funny what kids say and it was so matter of fact! Very true, ponderings of originality are never far from our minds. The slice is yummy, a great ginger hit. πŸ™‚

  2. So true! I love the Douglas Adams quote and they way your mind works. It is kind of like mine, actually – although I think of it as a series of loosely connected thoughts that may appear to be incongruous at times. Bendy is a good description for it. Kid 2 is so wise!

    • Hey Mrs Kitchen, bendy brains unite! He, he. Kid 2 has moments of wisdom followed by totally appropriate boy/small child like behaviour.. Ie…letting the dog lick his mouth….gross. πŸ™‚

  3. Of course I had to google ‘googlebumbled’ and your post came up along with two other entries. One “… Motorola/Google, bumbled …” came up and the other a headline “Google Bumbled Spotify Acquisition”. So, looks like you have had an original thought! I doubt that I have. πŸ˜€ Oh, great slice, you always bring back memories to my tastebuds, though you are bit mingy on the topping there.

    • You crack me up…I was sweating there….shall I patent ‘googlebumble’ meaning …’to mistakenly stumble, happenchance across malarkey and crap on the internet’? Ha ha. Did you eat this slice as a child? It is a thin icing but it sure packs a ginger punch!

      • Sorry, bit slack in keeping up. I don’t remember having it as a child but did bake it for my kids. I made the topping thicker, but dropped back on the ginger. Yum. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, I am sure it’s been said before somewhere but I shall enjoy my brief ‘googlefirst’ moment, ha! The delicate biscuity base and spicy ginger icing are the bomb with a good cup of tea or coffee. It is a real old school New Zealand baking treat, circa the 1950’s. There is no US equivalent?,

      • Not that I know of. We don’t do many ginger-based pastries here. Even old-fashioned gingerbread cookies are quite unusual and mainly confined to the holidays. No doubt people occasionally experiment from recipes online, but it’s not the kind of thing one finds at an after-church coffee meeting or a school bake sale.

  4. ‘Lollygagging’ is a woefully underused word, I loved this post the moment I read it. And I love ‘Googlebumbled’ as well, you should quickly claim it as your very own, entirely original thought. Slice looks delicious by the way!

    • Thanks, think I may be addicted to ginger…not the first or the last person in the world in that condition I guess! We should all lollygag more hey? Glad you enjoy all those under utilised words as well. Happy to claim ‘googlebumble’… If we all keep using it, maybe it will become part of the new vernacular?! He he…

  5. There are so many things that resonate with me here on your post today–Firstly, I adore your 7 year old. Secondly, I am desperate to help you make Googlebumbled an Urban Dictionary entry reality, thirdly, Douglas Adams is an absolute genius and I had both my children quoting him from age six onward, and lastly, I am desperate for a cake tin full of that slice. Oh my godfathers does that sound good.
    Terrific post!

    • Thanks Madame Peak! If I could, I would send you a cake tin chock full of the good stuff over the blogosphere. Douglas Adams was the man and glad to hear he is still being loved on. Come on Mr and Mrs Urban Dictionary, pick up Googlebumbled! πŸ™‚

  6. I often wonder when i alter a recipe and think I’ve created something new that it’s already been thought of already. And how so many people can sell cookbooks with recipes that are already well known?

  7. Googlebumbled is an excellent coinage… i’ll definitely be using that one! When it comes to creativity the first port of call is ‘Combination’, taking two ideas and smashing them together to make something new – something I do regularly in my product development job… very seldomly do people have a truly original product concept! P.S. Love ginger crunch, was a stable biscuit tin item when visiting granny πŸ™‚

  8. Googlebumbled … love it! Lucky Mr Silly Yak, Kid 2 and Kid 1 for having such a super cook in the house. Unfortunately, until we can send cake tins over the blogosphere, I will just have to enjoy your musings cake free. 🍣πŸ₯πŸͺ xx

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