Cinnamon tea cake

Whilst reading a lovely blog the other day, I was reminded of a wee poem I used to have attached to my fridge. It was a cartoon accompanied by the saying:

‘I don’t think I shall ever see, a poem as beautiful as a cup of tea.’

The cartoon has long since been lost but still I carry that saying in my heart. This wee cake is a smashing accompanient to a good, strong cuppa. As a young lass, I remember happily scoffing down hot toast slathered with butter and liberally sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. This tea cake replicates the aromas and tastes of that very same warming little snackle.

This recipe was passed on by a friend and I have tinkered with it (just a little) to provide a gluten free version for the good ole Yak.

Why use sorghum flour? Firstly, it is gluten free and my brief research shows it is high in protein, iron and dietary fibre. The starch and protein in sorghum take longer than other similar products to digest. Unlike rice flours, it isn’t gritty and helps to add a smoother texture to baked goods. This is always a wondrous thing when baking GF. I used the Bob’s Red Mill ‘sweet’ white sorghum flour but I also read that it can be purchased from Indian stores labelled as Jawar Atta. Just make sure it’s truly gluten free before purchasing it.

A quick mention of Xanthum gum, a product made from fermented corn sugar. I generally don’t use it a lot but it’s used in GF cooking as an emulsifier and thickener. You don’t need much, just a tad. I trialled the first recipe without it then used it on the 2nd attempt. It did make for a more spongy and cake like consistency.

For those of you who would like to use regular flour, I have provided the ingredients (see below). The method is still the same.

Cinnamon tea cake, gluten free

60g butter, softened
1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste or 1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup caster sugar (I used white to give it a light texture)
1 egg
1 cup gf plain flour
1/4 cup ‘sweet’ white sorghum flour
2 tsps baking powder
1/4 tsp xanthum gum (if you don’t have it, try without!)
Pinch of salt
1/3 cup milk

10g butter, extra melted (once cake is baked)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbl caster sugar

Preheat oven to 180C.
Grease and line a 20cm round cake pan.
Sift the plain flour, sorghum flour, baking powder, xanthum gum and salt into a bowl.
Beat the butter, extract, sugar and egg in a bowl until light and fluffy.
Stir in flour and milk.
Spread mixture into tin (it’s quite thick) and bake for 25-30 minutes until it springs back to the touch.
Stand 5 minutes in tin, turn onto rack.
Brush cake with melted butter sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar mixture.

A cheergerm adaptation from a recipe a friend gave me

In case you were wondering, take a peek at the blog I was referring to

Old school cinnamon tea cake

60g butter, softened
1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste or 1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 egg
1 cup self raising flour
Pinch of salt
1/3 cup milk

The topping and method is exactly the same as the gluten free version. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Cinnamon tea cake

  1. I still sprinkle my toast with cinnamon sugar! I love this tea cake. Reminds me of traditional Moravian sugar cakes made in eastern Pennsylvania where I grew up. Yum .. I must try this, but I think with wheat flour, and also dig out a recipe for Moravian sugar cake to compare.

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