The Blue House

A weekend away with girlfriends is something to look forward to. The anticipation of being unfettered and unencumbered by the needs of anyone else is certainly something to be savoured. To be surrounded by friends who know your story, who understand ‘where you are at’, who get your eccentricities, your likes and dislikes, who are aware of your good and bad qualities and yet despite all that; they still want to go away with you. (Either that or they are too polite to disinvite you.)

We met when our (now fifteen year old) babies were merely a few weeks old. From that we formed a Mothers Group. Meeting each week reassured us that we were not alone in this journey called ‘motherhood.’ As time went on, some of our number moved away, changed goals and directions and eventually in the end; four of us remained.

To this day, we still meet for coffee and breakfast once a fortnight. That is not a feat to be sneezed at. The mind boggles at the changes we have experienced throughout these years. The birth of more children, the heartache of no more children, moving away, returning, losing loved ones, sharing the joy and torment that is parenting, grieving the loss of loved ones or of changed relationships, learning more about ourselves, not always seeing eye to eye, laughing our asses off, crying our eyes out, complaining, sharing, oversharing but loving each other regardless.

Whether it be serendipity that we met, a fluke or part of some greater plan; I cannot say. But I am grateful to know each one of these beautiful women. Our annual weekends away are a time of fun, heart to heart discussions, good food, laughs, relaxation and reflection.

This year we booked The Blue House in the beautiful Blue Mountains village of Leura. It is a sweet wee cottage just a mere 15 minute walk from town. The house is set in a delightful old school garden and yes, it is actually painted blue. We found it charming, warm, clean and full of welcoming and thoughtful features. Each and every one of us particularly loved the combustion fireplace and the thoughtfully organised kitchen, full of every utensil or dish you could possibly need. (Not that we really cooked on this visit.)

Two meals were eaten at the consistently good Red Door Cafe in Leura. Their salmon in butter dish and their roast pumpkin and fried egg brunch dish are so delicious that I order one or the other every time we eat there. And the coffee is darned good too.

We visited Josophan’s for their amazing chocolate, ice-creams and bags of cooking cocoa; watched movies snuggled under blankets, devoured piggy platters of assorted cheeses, dips and suchforth, we sipped good wine, took winter walks, experienced great shopping be it clothing, homewares or food; and ate seriously good Thai takeaway. What else could a woman want? Maybe just an extended visit next time? Two nights is just never enough and there’s nothing wrong with being a little bit greedy.

The Red Door Cafe

Josophan’s Fine Chocolates

Logan Wines

6 thoughts on “The Blue House

  1. I envy you this girls weekend, Lisa! Most my peeps are too spread out to make such a get together feasible. How wonderful to have a chance to just kick back and enjoy with old friends. Lots of fine sparkles to keep the mood effervescent too! 🤩

    • Thanks lovely Mel. We are blessed to still be able to do this. Bummer that your special peeps are spread far and wide. Maybe it’s time that you all reunite…ummm… somewhere in the middle!! ? 🧐😱 And bubbles are certainly a lovely bonus. 😬🍾

  2. Oh what fun. You’re so lucky to have friends from so long ago. I always moved too much, but thankfully with facebook i can reach out. I’ve lived here for 30 years now, after moving every 2-3 years for my whole life. growing up and after getting married and working. crazy. but because of that, the friends who are my oldest, are so precious to me, and I do travel with these girlfriends as well. There’s nothing better!

    • Facebook is great for re-connecting with friends hey? Great you still all see each other no matter where you have all moved to. It’s real a blessing to be able spend precious time with our friends, yes indeed. 😊

    • Hello Sue. Hope you are well and happy! Life has been a roller coaster (maybe that’s the definition of life) but these pockets of happiness are much appreciated and dear friends are indeed precious. It was nice to go away and not to cook. (As much as I usually enjoy cooking.)

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