To our Mum on her 70th birthday, from your four daughters.

When we were little, you were always there for us, both physically and emotionally. You clothed us (yes, albeit it in homemade corduroy trousers and hand knitted jumpers) and fed us delicious and healthy food that you made (mostly) with love. You played with us, made sure we spent plenty of time outside and provided books, music, art and craft with what felt like, endless encouragement and loving patience. When we were teenagers and things were often treacherously bumpy, you listened to us and you talked to us. Now we are grown up and know what it takes to be a parent, we know that your mind would have been full of many concerns and worries and that nothing is as easy as it looks. Yet, when we were little, we always felt that you saw us. That we were actually people who had as much right to be in this world as any grown up did.

And maybe that is your most special gift Mum. When you look at a person, what you see, is the actual heart of that person. Not physical beauty, not colour, not difference, not ability or lack of ability, not whether hair is curly or straight but the fact that they are put on this earth and in your view, that makes each of us worthwhile. This quality along with your sense of humour, kindness, can do attitude, work ethic, interest in others and in this crazy world we live in; has made you the best of teachers, a beloved daughter and sister, an attentive grandmother, the most steadfast of friends, a great wife (twice), a valued member of our community and in our view, the very best of mothers.

And for that, we thank you.

23 thoughts on “Mum

  1. Happy birthday, Cheery’s mum. It’s nice to know that your children don’t wait till Mother’s Day to appreciate you. What a delicious repast that must have been. Wishing you long life. xx

  2. The efforts of parenting are paid off tenfold when the kids reach adulthood, and experiencing parenting themselves, finally appreciate you. I bet your Mum is feels happy, proud and loved. Happy birthday Cheery’s Mum

  3. This is so touching… Congrats to your Mom! And what a knockout of a cake. My eyes popped out of my head on stalks and hit the screen πŸ™‚ I had to restrain myself from licking it.

    • Thanks LM! She had a gorgeous day. Sister 2 made the cake, it had a flourless chocolate cake inside. It was as delicious as it looks! (Hope you can get the drool off your technology advice.) 😁

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