Back to Bathurst and a spot of Tex-Mex

Restlessness and a modicum of discontent sat curled, viper like, in the depths of my belly. We were nearing the end of the first week of the lads two week school holidays. A last minute opportunity arose to visit Mr Bagpipes, aka the father figure. He is currently house sitting a large ex-vineyard property ten minutes outside of old Bathurst. It felt darned good to pack up and get the heck outta Dodge. A chance for familial reconnection far from the maddening crowd in the country air and wide open spaces.

Before we hit the property, we popped into Legall Patisserie for some takeaway pastries, including of course, my favourite toffee choux. I am marginally grateful for my ever expanding ice-cream pants that this joint is not around the corner from home and is relegated to the less often occurring Bathurst visits.

Finally we arrive at the country house and life was good again. Marshmallow clouds, Pinot grapes withering on the vine, tiny wagtail birdies and a family of unseen foxes near the adorably sized dam. Leaves turning to autumn and unseasonably warm weather welcomed us, it was a holiday weekend indeed. Elvis the dogger was quite overwhelmed by the open spaces. We scoffed the pastries for arvo tea then did a bit of exploring. Dinner was a quick noodle stir fry hungrily consumed before we all collapsed happily into our beds.

Saturday morning brought more Legall pastry and a very good Fish River coffee enjoyed in the stunningly autumnal Machattie Park. A spot of shop perusal followed, finishing at Annie’s for a kiddy ice-cream treat. Back at the house, Kid 1 slept exhaustedly on the couch for a record two hour nap. Daylight savings and a growth spurt have made him hungry and moody. The spectre of pre-adolescence hovers over him, prophesising of things to come. Sleep beautiful lad, sleep. This Mumma was able to contentedly read before the Yak and I hoofed up and down the one kilometre driveway. We couldn’t afford not to, there was further eating to be done.

Saturday night sneaked up on and us and we found ourselves (after booking at the last minute), at the relatively new Tommy’s, Tex-Mex food joint in Bathurst town. We walked into what appears to be a dodgy hole in the wall and happily arrive in a cool, candle dripping entry way. This space screamed Mexican Day of the Dead and we were warmly welcomed by the service staff. Tommy’s has a laid back, understated hipster vibe going on. The menu is a marvellous combination of man-food and classic Mexican faves with a modern twist.

For starters, we greedily ordered two serves of the perfectly crispy fried onion rings and coleslaw along with a jug of ice cold margarita. After a good gander at the menu, three of us decided upon the baby back pork ribs that had been marinated in charred chorizo and served with corn and garlic bread. The Yak ordered the vegetarian nachos and Kid 2, despite strong persuasion, simply chose the shoestring fries. Don’t ask for the ribs marinade, in the tried and true saying, it is top secret. And those ribs my friend, as that overplayed hit 90’s song went, ‘I would walk 500 miles, just to get a bite of those falling off the bones, unctuous meaty delights .’ (Well, it kind of went like that.) All three of those ribs plates were licked clean.

Other delicious sounding menu choices included the Tijuana big dog and the Austin Texas hamburger. There were also some tasty sounding smaller bites to choose from such as jalapeño poppers, empanadas and corn chips with pico de gallo. The Yak enjoyed the myriad levels of flavours and toppings on his nachos, which were cutely served in a cardboard box. (An inspired idea to avoid a messy cleanup later.)

Back to the vineyard, we delighted in the clear as a bell night sky, children pointing out the Southern Cross, Orion’s Belt and the Milky Way swathed across the black velvet. The pip peep of frogs was the only sound, you just don’t get that in the city.

Sunday morning, children still asleep at 7.15 (unheard of) I lay and listened to, well, not much. A snoring dogger, the occasional slumberous murmur from the boys and my own contentment. Upon awakening, I was jumped upon by two laddies, morning snuggles from ferocious dragons who threaten to rip out my guts and still beating heart. Raising boys, a continuing dichotomy of sweetness and blood curdling violence.

As we left, the sproglets shouted goodbye to the sentinel guard alpaca, they have named Mr Banana, who watches sternly over the sheep in neighbouring fields. Then we headed off to The Hub for breakfast. (Again we booked, the people in this town know what is good and you will not always get in on a weekend if you are not prepared. On saying that, always try to get in, you never know your luck.)

The Yak and I couldn’t say no to the Glaswegian potato pancakes served with smoked salmon, poached eggs, cream cheese and hollandaise. (Spinach for the Yak of course.) This dish was The Boss. The creamy sauces were the perfect foil to the potato, it was rich but worth every bite. The Hub coffee was as always, marvellous. Smooth and rich as a royal. Other enticing sounding menu plates were the dukkah boiled eggs and a brekkie salad with chimichurri sauce, roasted tomatoes, almonds and poached eggs (amongst other things.)

Farewelling Mr Bagpipes, we popped back in the car, feeling refreshed, renewed and rather full. Can’t complain about that. Hasta la vista Bathurst.

30 thoughts on “Back to Bathurst and a spot of Tex-Mex

  1. Why would you say no to the ‘Glaswegian potato pancakes served with smoked salmon, poached eggs, cream cheese and hollandaise?’ And why ‘of course’ when it comes to spinach for the Yak? Is he Popeye in disguise? 🙂

    • Why indeed? Very few of us methinks. Yes, he really is Popeye, with a beard and no sailor suit. (Not that I would so publicly share his dressing up penchant. 😉) The Yak is a vegetarian so they swapped out the salmon for some spinachy goodness.

  2. I’ve travelled the length and breadth of Oz but never visited Bathurst. Might just remedy that in June with all your recommendations in my pocket. How does the Yak fare when you visit the patisserie? it sounds like my sort of town!!

  3. Food, wine, husband and boys, idyllic countryside, Tex-Mex in Oz, Oh the wonder of it all!! I love this line – “…morning snuggles from ferocious dragons who threaten to rip out my guts and still beating heart. Raising boys, a continuing dichotomy of sweetness and blood curdling violence.”

  4. What an idyll you conjure up, Cheer! I confess you had me at “toffee choux” but it all sounds so perfect. You may know that I am an onion ring aficionado! My other favorite bit from this post is the potato pancakes with poached eggs, something I had never thought of doing. It’s an interesting take on Eggs Benedict.
    And I can almost smell the rose in that photo…

    • It was a delicious weekend LM! Come over and we can go try those onion rings? I know you are an expert on all things oniony, ring like and fried. The coleslaw with them was great. That brekky was great, the sour cream with the potato pancakes? The bees knees. It was a last dash of warmth, the weather changed tonight and winter is almost upon us. You will see roses very soon your way! That rose really did smell gorgeous, like a proper old fashioned rose should. 😊

  5. A feast of many proportions, Cheergerm. The descriptions of all are mouthwatering, indeed. I’m not sure what a toffee choux is, but I’m sure I want one. And I’m hoping you may be the one to show me how to make it.
    Also, it gives me warm comfort knowing where Orion has gone since he sauntered off my night sky. I am glad he’s in good hands.
    A gorgeous post. I’m glad you found yourself a little break and many feasts.

    • It was a yummy few days indeed, as I look out the window at the rain I can only wish I was back there. Toffee choux, little choux pastry puffs, baked, filled with fresh cream and dipped in the most beautiful toffee that hardens up. So there is a crunch when you bite then the soft creamy filling, oh yeah. I made choux years ago, maybe the time is nigh once more!? (Or I could just buy them?) We will send Orion back when we are done with him…and his belt. Thanks lovely Peak. ☺️

  6. A.PROMPTreply

    Wow! What a scrumptious delight of a weekend! And who knew???… not only cook,bake and nurture but you write like a dream!

    • It was such a nice weekend Mrs Prompt! It’s a crappy rainy day today so I will keep the memories tucked away in my heart just to get me through. Thanks also for your lovely words regarding my words. ☺️

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