Sending some love back out

Just to say a giant panda bear size thanks to some super bloggers who have passed on some very lovely awards to this newbie blogger, over the past few months.

Due to my slackness and inability to catch up, I am rolling another way with this. (Kind of like rolling down a hill and not being able to stop). I’ts not that I am trying to be a naughty rule breaker/bender but I really just want to say a simple thanks to you all for reading my blog and passing these awards my way. (If you haven’t already, swing by these wonderful blogs to have a squiz.)

Liebster Awards

Naptime thoughts –
What Kat Baked –
Purple house blog –
Books for Belle –

Sunshine Awards

Joie De vivre –
Not so creative cook –
Creating beauty in the kitchen –
Notes on a Spanish Valley –

Hence, I would like to pass on some love to other blogs that I am really enjoying reading. (This is in no way a definitive list, I had to stop somewhere!!) No, it’s not an exact award but if I were to start a new award if would be ‘Thanks to you all for being so interesting, inspiring, amusing, yummy, funny well written and super awesome’. I hope you are enticed to go visit these blogs, if you haven’t already.

My Kitchen Witch –
Linnet Moss –
Cooking with a wallflower –
Sarcasmia –
Peak perspective –
Tweatfeast –
Fromage homage –
The Chef and the Waitress –
Cupid or cats –
Hungry mum –
Days –
Lucy Jo Amos –
Baking with Gab –
Short and sweet –
Milk and Marigolds –
Spontaneous tomato –
Thoroughly Nourished Life –
Selma’s Table –
Blue crab martini –
Khloe’s Kitchen –

23 thoughts on “Sending some love back out

    • He he….. That’s cause we are like, so, you know! popular….!?? (In my best strained aussie version of a Californian teenager from the 90’s.) πŸ™‚

  1. bluecrabmartini

    Congrats, you deserve it!! Thanks for mentioning my blog πŸ™‚ It’s amazing how friendly (most) of the blogger community is, blogger buddies are the best!

    • I will fix it! Don’t know why it did that…think when I copied it across…and you are welcome. It’s a grand community, yes indeedy. πŸ™‚ (mostly…. He he..)

  2. Congratulations! And thanks πŸ™‚ We still haven’t “accepted” the previous award from you! We’re such slackers! I like the way you have done this post though…

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