Nuts about coconut flour cupcakes

I’ve got a luvverly bunch of coconuts…..ahh, coconut flour. A great gluten free flour and a healthy alternative to wheat flour for those of you who aren’t in the GF Camp. (Not a camp many would visit willingly to begin with. But it’s better than the alternative.)

Coconut flour comes from the dried meat of coconuts, which is then ground into flour. Health benefits abound for this super little flour. To list a few:
Gluten free (thanks said the Yak).
High in fibre, gives you that full feeling for longer and aids digestion. Due to its fibrous nature, coconut flour does suck up a lot of liquid so it behaves quite differently to other flours you may have used.
High in protein. (Gotta love that).
High in manganese (is that a dog breed?) and lauric acid. Whoopee you cry! In cheergerm terms, these help to promote a healthy immune system and assist in thyroid function.

These little light and bouncy chocolate cupcakes are one of my regular ‘go to’ recipes. Snarfled from a fab blog called Elana’s Pantry, they are great for little and big kids lunchboxes and are also nut free. They are not overly sweet, yet Kid 1 and 2 still devour them like the bottomless pits they are.

Before you go to the recipe, here are a few cheergerm adjustments:
For this batch I used natural cocoa powder not cacao powder. (The difference between the two is too detailed to go into here.) A good quality Dutch cocoa will also be fine.
I used organic raw honey instead of agave in this batch, maple syrup works as well.
I always double this recipe to make 12 cupcakes.
Added 1/4 tsp vanilla bean paste.
I had no grapeseed oil so I substituted rice bran oil and have also used macadamia nut oil in the past. (I don’t use nut oil when sending them to school).
Sometimes, to add a bit of mummy kiddy excitement, I add a large handful of dark chocolate chips.
I have iced/frosted them for special occasions as well.

Go here for this neat wee recipe: